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We help emerging e-commerce brands deal with their biggest bottleneck - acquiring new customers without sacrificing profitability

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If You Have an Emerging Brand, That Struggles to Pass the 50K / month Mark…

We’ve been working solely with small brands in the e-commerce space. We know your common issues, bottlenecks, and mindset shifts required to grow.
There’s so many things you can do building your brand, but where to get those additional hours to do it? Hire an experienced growth team.
Get a partner you can trust. We’re here to serve and build your business together.

More Than Just an Agency

We’re Partners, We Have The Same Goal, We’re Working Together

The Marketing Kit will become an extension of your team, helping on the most vital components of your business - new customer acquisition, retention, and finding virality within the competition, while saving countless hours of unproductive time hiring the wrong talent, and testing unproven concepts and approaches.

Transparency is the key. You’ll always know what’s happening with our bi-weekly reports and strategy calls.
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  • It was a pleasure working with Algimantas. He grew our revenue by 3x within a couple of months. 
    Hard-working, growth mindset, and leadership skills!

    Christoffer Sundberg

    Founder and CEO at GLAS Scandinavia AB
  • A great colleague to have when working on risky and volatile projects. Has a good senior-level knowledge of Facebook ad campaign strategy and management.

    He is also always full of ideas and initiatives what to test or to implement!

    Dovydas Jakstas

    Head of Growth | Performance Marketing
  • Algimantas is one of the best marketing/growth guys we have been working with. I would like to thank him for his very valuable contributions during his time with us and wish him best luck in his future

    Algimantas exceeded our expectations in the following tasks:
    Media buying, cross channel marketing strategy, creative strategy.

    Aurimas Steponavicius

    Co-founder of Bored Panda

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